Ata Turk

About me

I am an applied computer scientist and cloud architect with a PhD in cloud systems and experience in building systems and solving deep technical challenges. I work on the design/development of scalable cloud-based platforms and improving the performance, security, or efficiency of distributed frameworks. I enjoy the privilege of working with a worldwide team of researchers and developers while building and delivering public (Mass Open Cloud) and private (State Street) cloud infrastructures using agile methodologies and DevOps practices. I co-teach a graduate level cloud computing course at Boston University that provides an understanding of key cloud computing and big data concepts and teaches agile development. I also have extensive expertise in designing algorithms for graph analytics. My academic work in systems and combinatorics has been published in prestigious journals and conferences such as TKDE, TPDS, SIGIR, WWW, ICDM, and SoCC.

My google scholar page, my cv.

Positions held

VP of Cloud Architecture and Infra @ State Street (2018 -- )

I am architecting and developing core IT infrastructure solutions for State Street and leading various teams that are (i) developing the network monitoring and alerting solutions for State Street IT Infrastructure, (ii) operating the on-prem object store service, (iii) operating the infrastructure for the enterprise API management solution.

Senior Research Scientist @ Mass Open Cloud (MOC), Boston (2014 -- 2018)

I was leading the monitoring, bigdata and cloud healthcare efforts in MOC.

Postdoc @ Yahoo Labs, Barcelona (2013 -- 2014)

I was a postdoc at the Web Retrieval Team of Yahoo Labs, Barcelona, mainly working on user profile generation, entity suggestion, and ad CTR prediction.

Company founder and partner @ Bor Software Inc. (2007 -- 2010)

I was among the five founding partners of Bor Soft of Turkey. I worked as a managing partner between 2007 and 2010 within various projects including Web 2.0, mobile app., GIS systems, and content management systems development. I cashed out in 2010 to finish my PhD.

PhD from Computer Engineering Dept. of Bilkent University (2012)

Thesis title: Utilizing Query Logs for Data Replication and Placement in Big Data Applications

Recent selected publications