Ata Turk

Research scientist in Boston University Electrical Computer Engineering Department and the Massachusetts Open Cloud Project

Research interests

I am currently working on: (i) designing and building scalable effective cloud monitoring systems and utilizing monitoring for improved cloud security, performance and transparency, (ii) designing and building fast elastic bare-metal provisioning systems and using them for improved cloud/hpc throughput and utilization, (iii) cloud instance (VMs, containers) analysis systems that represent "cloud-systems-as-data" and enable analysis on systems for improved management.

I am in general interested in placement, replication, scheduling, mapping, clustering, declustering, partitioning, ordering, streaming, mining (basically combinatorial optimization) problems for possible improvements in performance, energy requirements, security, and cost.

My Google scholar page , my cv.

Note for prospective PhD students


Postdoc @ Yahoo Labs, Barcelona (2013 -- 2014)

I was a postdoc at the Web Retrieval Team of Yahoo Labs, Barcelona, mainly working on user profile generation, entity suggestion, and ad CTR prediction.

Company founder and partner @ Bor Software Inc. (2007 -- 2010)

I was among the five founding partners of Bor Soft of Turkey. I worked as a managing partner between 2007 and 2010 within various projects including Web 2.0, mobile app., GIS systems, and content management systems development. I cashed out in 2010 to finish my PhD.

PhD from Computer Engineering Dept. of Bilkent University (2012)

Thesis title: Utilizing Query Logs for Data Replication and Placement in Big Data Applications