Ata Turk

Research scientist in Boston University Electrical Computer Engineering Department and the Massachusetts Open Cloud Project

There are multiple PhD student positions available in the groups I work with around the Massachusetss Open Cloud (MOC) project where I lead the monitoring and the BigData research teams.

In MOC we are building a public cloud from ground up in close collaboration with industry partners (Intel, Brocade, RedHat, Lenovo, Cisco, and TwoSigma and other partners). While building a new model for doing cloud computing, we are adressing interesting and challenging problems spanning multiple layers of a cloud deployment.

then please send me a personal email contaning the following points:

In addition to positions in MOC, professors I collaborate have multiple open positions in their groups as well. If you are interested in the following topics:

then feel free to give a shout with an email as described above as well.

Thank you for your interest, and good luck with the pursuit of finding the right PhD program and advisor!

-- Dr. Ata Turk